Season pass now only 30€

More bikes. More hubs.

Local and committed actor in Porvoo

We at Varuboden-Osla work hard for the environment and think that cycling is a true eco-action. That is why we want to be supporting the city bike share this and all upcoming summers. Please join us and enjoy a bike ride from many of our locations, such as Rosso restaurant, S-markets or Sale-stores.

Wishing you the best of cycling times! 


Porvoon asemaverkosto

Rental Bike Usage

1. Download Donkey Republic

2. Locate a vacant bike

3. Enjoy your bike ride

4. Return the bike to the drop-off station of your choice

A detailed guide of how to use the service can be found on the Instructions page

Our service is available in many European contries

We are a part of an international network of city bikes.

Do you bicycle a lot?

Season Pass is a more affordable way to ride city bikes.

Season Pass
30€ / bicycling season

Ride one hour free with every rental!

Discount price is now the regular price!

  • Active for the whole bicycling season
  • 1h free bicycling with every rental
  • Theft insurance included
  • Works in all Donkey Republic cites in Finland
  • Includes VAT

Ride 1h free with every rental!

Monthly Membership
9€ / mon

  • Unlimited 1h rentals
  • Every ride is insured for theft
  • Works in all Donkey Republic Cities
  • Includes VAT

Ride 12h free with every rental!

Monthly Membership
18€ / mon

  • Unlimited number of 12 h long rentals
  • Every ride is insured for theft
  • Works in all Donkey Republic Cities
  • Includes VAT

Memberships can be bought in the app.


15 min
1.00 €
30 min
1.50 €
1 h
4 h
1 day

Contact Info and Support

Customer service and issue reporting

Customer service is available every day of the week from 09:00 to 21:00

All support before and during your ride

Customer service number will help you if you have any problems with your bike or the app. If there is an issue with your bike, you can report it directly from the app.
Instructions Page is full of detailed information on how the bike rental process works.

Feedback and Questions

We would love to know if you have any ideas on how to improve the service.
Skicka e-post eller ring till oss!